Demo Service

Here at MDG Sports, we offer a fantastic demo scheme which gives players the opportunity to try before they buy!

We supply demo frames of all the top models available on the market, including Babolat, Head, Yonex and Wilson - Giving you peace of mind, before you purchase.

If you're local to our store, come and see what we have available, one of our team will be able to advise on suitable options for your play style and ability.

In addition to this, we can offer UK mainland delivery! For a small delivery fee and deposit, you can hold one of our rackets for up to 7 days.

Here are a few of our options (All variations of frame are available):

Please fill out the form below, and we will happily get in touch to see how we can be of assistance (Please include any frame that you currently use, or specifications that you would be interested in trying):