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Racket of the year – 2022

The major racket releases of 2022: The new silo from Head – The Boom (Team L, Team, MP and Pro) released in January 2022 as a smooth hitting, arm friendly powerful frame that still gave plenty of feel; Due to the racket’s design and new cutting edge technology. Definitely a popular frame with us, and a strong contender for MDG Sports racket of the year! Updated in March we had the Head 2022 Auxetic Speed released to very positive reception (The 2022 Auxetic Speed Pro being a best seller). The... Read More

What is the difference between cheap & expensive tennis rackets?

I’ll let the racket do the talking…” John McEnroe When it comes to purchasing a tennis racket, whether it is your first time hitting the court or you’re trying to fill out your 15-racket holdall, it truly is a maze of brands, weights, head sizes and so much more. Albeit this seems scary from the outset, but it really does mean there is something for everyone out there.  One of the most common questions we get asked in our daily lives here at MDG Sports, is “what is the difference... Read More

The Wilson Blade v8 – Why is it so popular?

The Blade v8 from Wilson is a masterful frame that has excelled generation after generation, but why? What makes it so popular and tailored to a modern game? Here we will discuss what Blade is perfectly suited to you and why. Technology: As used by Tsitsipas, Khachanov, Sabalenka, and large portion of the ATP and WTA tour, the Wilson Blade has always been one of the most popular choices for players looking for a versatile frame that offers remarkable feel over the ball. The newest rendition of the Blade features... Read More

The new Yonex Percept – Is it for me?

I am always trying to improve, always trying to be at my top, trying to push the limit – Designed to offer the utmost control available in a single frame, the Yonex Percept range is forged to dominate the court with its pinpoint accuracy. As a long time user of the Vcore Pro series, the Percept is a welcome successor and addition to our collection. Technology Overview: We love a fresh take on old school rackets, and the Percept ticks all the boxes. A few slight tweaks to the frames... Read More

Wilson Shift 99 & Pro Tennis Rackets.

In collaboration with W Labs, Wilson have produced their most versatile frame yet, offering a perfect blend of controllable power through immense spin. The all-new SHIFT is now available in 2 different models here at MDG Sports; the 99 & the 99 PRO.  So, let’s break down the frames themselves. The 99 offers an even 300g weight and a 16×20 pattern whereas the PRO comes in a weighty 315g and even tighter 18×20 pattern for more control, both have a 315mm balance making them more on the head light side... Read More

Wilson’s v14 Pro Staff 97 & X.

Wilson v14 Pro Staff: Available in 3 models here at MDG Sports; the 97, X and Team, but we will mainly be discussing the 97 & X.  The newest edition of the Pro Staff has opened up an entire world of control for intermediate and advanced level players. Typically, being known for its strength and skill requirements, the newest Paradigm Bending technology has drastically softened the frame between the hoop and shaft – Generating even more feel and precision than ever before. This goes hand in hand with Wilson’s Braided... Read More

Elena Rybakin with the 2023 Vcore 06/01/2023
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New Year – New Rackets!

2022 was a huge year for tennis, tennis rackets, players and gear; we saw some phenomenal build quality and truly astounding level rackets as new frames or updated models with really interesting changes or cosmetics. Obviously it was a great year for tennis, as the world began to return to some semblance of normality, and we witnessed fantastic Tournaments and Slams. Carlos Alcaraz won Rio, Miami, Barcelona Madrid and amazingly the US Open! Not to mention the highly reviewed new Pure Aero that’s definitely contender for racket of the year.... Read More


The Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket – The best string setups

The Babolat Pure Drive is a great racket for many types of players; It’s quintessentially modern in specifications and has top shelf technology, while still, offering fantastic power levels to generate extremely advantageous ball speed but also forgiveness when player errors occur. Being a much stiffer racket than most (RA-72) some might struggle finding appropriate strings and setups to compliment the racket or their game. If you want a similar frame but perhaps something more arm friendly we recommend either the Yonex Ezone 100 or Head Speed MP Here are... Read More