The Pure Series:

Babolat have always been pioneers in the Tennis industry, producing revolutionary rackets that have altered the history and future of the game itself. Picking a new racket can be daunting, whether you're brand new looking for your first racket or have been using the same one since you landed your first serve, Babolat have you covered. The Pure series almost makes the racket choose you, they have been broken down simply to ensure that you're dominating the court with utter confidence.

The Pure Aero:

The quintessential racket that was crafted for Rafa himself, designed to offer optimal spin production through its aerodynamic frame shape. This racket is made with the ideology of dominating with spin, and is offered in a variety of weights and sizes to cater for each player wishing to harness this.

The most popular variant of this frame is the standard Pure Aero, coming in at 300g the Pure Aero offers intermediate to advanced players mountains of spin and power through its stiff frame layup. Compared to the Team & Lite, the standard model's increased weight creates a perfectly balanced blend of control to power.

Beginners & developing players will find that the Pure Aero Lite and Team models add an element of maneuverability thanks to their lighter weights, on top of the aforementioned spin and power.

Advanced club & tournament players will want to reap the benefits of the Pure Aero 98 variant. The slightly smaller head size and heavier 305g weight capitalises on control, stunning your opponent with incomparable spin.

The Pure Strike:

If you're finding that balls are going consistently long, maybe you need to take a look at the Pure Strike. As used by the likes of Cameron Norrie, Dominic Thiem & many more, the Strike offers next-level control through it's thin beam - Which in turn creates a racket so stable, you'll feel in charge of every point.

Starting out for the beginners and improving players, the Pure Strike Lite & Pure Strike Team introduces easy power into a completely control orientated frame.

The most versatile of the series is the Strike 100, offering the most even blend of power, control and spin thanks to its 300g weight, 100 square inch head size and 16x19 string pattern.

The flagship 305g weight comes in two different string patterns, the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 opens the string pattern up allowing for more spin, whereas the Pure Strike 18x20 tightens it, naturally increasing the rackets control potential. This frame is suited to more intermediate to advanced level players as it has a slightly smaller 98 square inch head size.

If you're capable of handling the heavier weight, you'll love this one. The Strike Tour is the most demanding of the series, only suited to advanced club and tournament players, a 320g weight and 98 head size will provide you with pinpoint precision like never before.


The Pure Drive:

Widely considered as the best selling Tennis racket of all time, the Babolat Pure Drive series is designed to make your game effortless by providing so much natural, explosive power that your opponents wont know what's hit them. What makes this racket so popular is the stability and feel that connects you to every shot.

The Pure Drive Lite & Pure Drive Team variations are suited to players who would like a faster racket head speed thanks to their head heavy balance - This results in ball crushing ground-strokes, ideal for beginners, intermediates and even performance level junior players.

As with all the Pure series rackets, the standard 300g variant proceeds to be the most popular due to it's increased versatility, you'll find this most effective in the hands of beginners all the way through to advanced players.

The Pure Drive 98 reigns in that punch but still retains all stability, providing its intermediate to advanced level user with a racket capable of conquering every point with a balance of control and power.

The Evo:

If the Babolat Pure range of rackets is out of your budget, Babolat have another fantastic range of rackets at a more attractive price range for players.  They still have the 3 ranges, Drive, Strike and Aero and within these series they still offer different weights, such as in the Drive range they have the lite, standard and the tour.


If you are after more power without having to put put in a lot of effort to your shots then go for the Drive series, available in 3 weights and 2 colour options (blue or white):

Babolat Evo Drive lite (255g and 104 sq in head)

Babolat Evo Drive (270g and 104 sq in head)

Babolat Evo Drive Tour (285g and 102 sq in head)

Baboolat Evo Drive 115 (240g and 115 sq in head) - The most power in the series due to the very large head size, ultra lightweight and thicker beam.


There is one model in the control range that will offer maximum control yet still delivers great power and comfort on your shots. 

Babolat Evo Strike Tennis Racket.


The Evo Aero range is ideal for players looking for more spin and power while still getting comfort on your shots. Available in 2 weights and colours.

Babolat Evo Aero Lite  (260g and 102 sq in head) Pink or Yellow

Babolat Evo Aero (275g and 102 sq in head) Pink or Yellow

Still Unsure?

If in any doubt at all, give MDG Sports a call now on 01202 900012 or pop into store in Poole, Dorset and one of the team can talk you through your options and help you get the best racket for your game. Another great option that MDG Sports offer is the demo racket service where you can try before you buy on all our Babolat tennis rackets. Give us a call or view our demo racket programme information here.

You can also read our blog on how to choose a tennis racket which can be found here.  This will talk you all the way through the various factors needed to consider when choosing a racket such as weight, head size, balance and grip size.