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Learn the history behind the brand...

Based in Lyon, France, Babolat is the oldest brand in the racket sports industry, first established in 1875 by the Babolat family. To this day, it is still family owned and operated. They originally started out by making the world's first natural gut tennis string then throughout the years, development many other types of tennis and badminton strings, becoming the leading name in the industry for racket sports strings.  

It wasn't until 1994 that they launched their first tennis racket, the iconic Babolat Pure Drive. The following year, they launched their first badminton racket.  It only took Babolat 4 years for them to have a player winning a tennis grand slam, with Carlos Moya winning the French Open.  Throughout the years they have launched many new products such as Padel tennis racket in 2000, their first tennis ball in 2001 (The Babolat Gold All Court Tennis ball is our most popular ball here at MDG Sports.) In 2003 they launched their first tennis shoe in partnership with Michelin to offer the best grip possible in a racket sports shoe.

One of their biggest achievements was when Rafa Nadal won his first grand slam in 2005. Everyone saw him using his AeroPro Drive tennis racket (now the Pure Aero) and all the young children wanted to be like him! Babolat have continued to grow through the years, establishing partnership with the Wimbledon Championships and other professional stars such as Carlos Alcaraz, Dominic Thiem, Garbine Muguruza and Leylah Fernandez.

Discover the Pure tennis racket range:

Here at MDG Sports, Babolat are one of our best selling brands for tennis rackets. In their performance frames, they are segregated into 3 easily understandable ranges. The Pure Aero is perfect for players looking for extra spin and power on the ball.  The Pure Strike is the model to go for if you are looking for excellent control and pinpoint accuracy.  Finally the Pure Drive is the ultimate racket of choice for those needing extra power on their shots! They all come in at least 3 different weights to make sure there is an option for everyone.

Discover the Tennis shoe range:

Again, Babolat have divided their tennis shoes into 3 models so there is a model suitable for everyone. Babolat work with Michelin to help develop their tennis footwear, making them give the ultimate grip on every court surface. The propulse fury range is designed for the most stable tennis shoe, it offers the most support as well as an extra thick rubber on the sole, making them the most durable tennis shoe in the Babolat range.  Next they have the Jet range, the shoes in this range are the lightest and most agile in their lineup, making them help players get around the court quicker, however they use a kevlar woven mesh to help them keep your feet secure. Finally there is the SFX range, we feel these are one of the most comfortable tennis shoes on the market, offering excellent cushioning throughout the shoe and they have a slightly wider fit. (This is MDG Sports Managing Directors favourite tennis shoe model) 

Discover the Badminton racket range:

Babolat have been making badminton racket since 1995, suitable for beginner/recreational players, all the way up to professionals.  In a relative short space of time, Babolat are now one of the leading badminton equipment suppliers across Europe.  They have 3 main ranges, competition, advanced and intermediate and within these ranges they have different balance points (head light, even and head heavy) and different flexibilities (flexible, medium or stiff).  The X-Feel, Satelite and I-Pulse are the options here and within this they have the blast, power, essential and lite range. 

Discover the Badminton shoe range:

Babolat keep it simple with 3 major lines in their Badminton shoe range. The Shadow Team is an excellent shoe that provides its user with excellent traction and support, for a fraction of the price. The Shadow Spirit, being designed to provide a durable yet comfortable shoe, offers a world of support and stability whilst staying true against even the harshest of match play or training sessions. The Shadow Tour will keep you light on your feet with its agile construction and breathable upper mesh, perfectly suited for someone who travels the court and springs into action at a moments notice.